Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage Door Opener Repair

Do you have issues with your garage door? Whether it is not opening at its usual speed, or gets stuck in the middle, you might have a problem with your garage door opener. There are two main kinds of garage door openers, belt-driven garage door openers and chain-driven garage door openers. There are different kind of problems that can arise from each style of garage door opener. After years of experience installing and repairing garage door openers, our team has the expertise necessary to be able to help you figure out what the problem is with your garage door opener and find the best solution.

Belt-Driven Garage Door Opener Repair

Belt-driven garage door openers are some of the best garage door openers on the market. They are good because they can lift extra heavy doors making them a great option for custom made garage doors and larger sized garage doors. That said, they can sometimes have issues. If you have a belt-driven garage door opener that is not working properly, give the Santa Rosa Garage Door company a call! Our team of experts will come over and troubleshoot the situation to see what solution we can find for you.

Chain-Driven Garage Door Opener Repair

Do you have a chain-driven garage door opener that is not working properly? Give the Santa Rosa Garage Door company a call. After years of working in the area and helping homeowners repair their garage door openers, there is no issue we can fix. We have worked with belt-driven and chain-driven garage door openers and know the workings of each and the particularities of each. Our team will find the best solution that is right for your chain-driven garage door opener.

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Belt v Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

If you are considering installing a garage door in your home and don’t know whether to get a chain-driven garage door opener or a belt-driven garage door opener, give the Santa Rosa Garage Door company a call! With years of experience in the business, there is no one better to consult about this decision than us. We’ll talk you through the differences of each so you can weigh the advantages and disadvantages. Belt-driven doors are better for heavy doors and are quieter. However, chain-driven doors can be more affordable and last longer. Give us a call to get the details!


Do you have an issue with your garage door but don’t know what the problem is? Maybe the chain-drive opener needs oil, or maybe there is a problem with a broken garage door spring. It can be hard to tell what the problem is, especially if you are not familiar with garage door openers and how they work. Our team of professional garage door opener repairers can help you get to the bottom of the situation. We offer troubleshooting services as part of our repairs services to help you find out exactly what the problem is and find the best, long lasting solution.